A Victory for Animals

HUGE news today and a HUGE first step toward protecting animals farmed for food:

For the first time ever in Canada’s history, animal cruelty charges have been laid for abuse that took place on a factory farm. Eleven counts of animal cruelty have been filed against Hybrid Turkeys, one of the world’s largest turkey breeders in Bright, Ontario. Not just against the company either – five of its employees have also been charged.  I bet Chilliwack Cattle Company is shitting their pants right now.

To quote Mercy for Animals Canada directly – the organization that filmed the undercover footage – “This is the first time animal cruelty charges have resulted from an investigation by an animal protection group in Canada.”

Congratulations, Mercy for Animals Canada!  And thank you to those in authority with the power to lay those very charges. Though still a very sad moment for humanity and likely too late for the birds in the video to be spared, this is a wake-up call to the industry that they are no longer untouchable simply because they run a business.  Here’s hoping this shit just got really fucking real for them.

Further to my post last month about how investigators really don’t have to be undercover for very long before abuse is revealed, the investigator who took the footage at the Hybrid farm was there for a total of 8 weeks.  Two months on a job and the abuse was so horrific, the resulting charges have actually set a precedent in Canada.

This is a historic moment.  Let’s hope it’s also the beginning of some significant changes to industry practices and for the animals trapped in the already-atrocious cycle of factory farming.

Via: o.canada.com

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