Dick-fil-A Comes to Canada

Oh goody.

Just what this country needs: another fast food restaurant serving high cholesterol and saturated fat-laden foods whose menu requires the continual breeding, confinement and horrific slaughter of innocent birds. Congratulations, Canada – Calgary now has a Chick-fil-A franchise at their airport.  Dick-fil-A tried to open in Canada in the mid-90’s and failed; this is their second attempt. If it goes well, God only knows where they’ll try to open next.

Aaaaaannnnnd speaking of God, the company is famous for more than its chicken.

The company was founded in 1946 by Samuel Truett Cathy who is also a devout Baptist. He (in)famously and publicly opposed gay marriage in 2012.  His restaurants also remain closed on Sundays in keeping with Cathy’s Christian beliefs. I will give credit to him for still remaining closed Sundays, even if it is to ostensibly give his staff the day off so they can go to church.  I wish more retailers would do that just because it’s a nice thing to do – no strings attached – but at least it shows that money isn’t always everything to S. Truett Cathy.

Of course a spokeswoman for the Dick-fil-A is downplaying the founder and Chairman’s stance on gay rights (or lack thereof) and emphasizing that they just want to “focus on the food service” and “strive to make it a welcoming place for everyone that wants a great meal,” (unless you are vegan, gay or don’t want a triple bypass in your lifetime).

Samuel Truett Cathy has said that the Bible is his guidebook for life which is of course his right under the U.S. Constitution and the Canadian Charter. Unfortunately, it is also well within his rights under those same documents to operate 1,500 locations of his restaurants that require the killing of millions of chickens a year to supply them with “product”. Ninety percent of the nearly 10 billion land animals killed in the U.S. each year are chickens; that’s about 17,000 birds every 60 seconds.

Providing chickens survive the journey to the slaughterhouse which can be anywhere up to 36 hours without food, water or rest, they are then roughly unloaded from the trucks and yanked out of the crate they have been jammed into by whatever means necessary.

Then they are shackled by their feet and hung upside down. In order to stun the birds before they are killed, they are passed through an electric water bath which is exactly what it sounds like. Many are not properly stunned because the disassembly line is moving so fast that by the time they get to the next station, with its automatic blades that slash their throats, they are often still conscious.

Again, due to the speed that slaughterhouses operate, many birds do not bleed out and die like they are supposed to before reaching the next station which is called a scalding tank – also exactly what it sounds like.  The scalding tank removes their feathers followed by an eviscerating machine that slices and separates their various body parts.

I was raised in a Christian home and I know a few Bible verses myself.  How about the one where God created the land animals and gave the animals for man to tend and care for, not exploit, terrorize and slaughter?  How about our bodies being vessels to occupy responsibly so we can honour God by taking the hell care of them and not stuffing our faces with greasy, unhealthy crap?  How about thou shalt not murder which is exactly what factory farming does day after day, hour after hour, minute after horrifying minute.

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2 thoughts on “Dick-fil-A Comes to Canada

  1. Marisa says:

    Our laws regarding animals are repugnant to me. If any of these practices were inflicted upon a cat or dog the public would bay for blood and, more than likely, the person who shackled the dog by his paws, hung him upside down, passed him through an electric water bath and then slit his throat would be considered a psychopath and would probably do jail time.
    But since these are chickens or cows or pigs it is completely legal to do these SAME psychotic actions and nobody has a problem with it. Since it’s in the name of food…well then…it’s fine. I seriously challenge anyone to tell me what the freakin’ difference is. Dog, cat, pig, sheep, chicken. They are only treated differently because HUMANS have decided they are different not because they actually are in any way that matters. Makes me shake my head in despair.
    And THIS is why very intelligent people who will otherwise engage in any type of conversation with me from abortion to religion to gay rights will NOT engage on veganism because no intelligent person can properly defend why the picture of chickens you have posted is an acceptable industry practice but if it depicted a string of dogs it would be a heinous crime.


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